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mr.Geoffrey H. fullerton

One of the most dynamic personalities in the Human Capital Development industry, Geoffrey is the Chief Inspirational Officer.

As an accomplished sales & customer service coach, speaker and author Geoffrey has impacted professionals from all over the world. From his experience as a master facilitator and coach with Anthony Robbins & Associates to sales training for billion dollar brands like Sandals Resorts International, Geoffrey’s approach to creating an attitude of genuine interest and care for one’s customers and clients has won him favour internationally.

Jamaican by birth and raised in Canada, Geoffrey has worked with people from over 50 different cultures so far to date. This has enabled him to connect with a variety of people, causing them to be inspired to action. Thanks to his unique mix of enthusiasm and humor his training sessions are entertaining, yet impactful.

Author of 5 training programs and the book, Creating Clients For Life, Geoffrey has provided solutions designed to enhance your sales, customer service and leadership.

Inspiring corporate professionals to action and greater profits has been the focus of Geoffrey for over his 15 years. If high performing teams, lower employee attrition, and improved company morale are sought after targets for you and your company then Geoffrey can definitely help you.



World Travel Award Winner, Certified Hospitality Educator and CEO & Managing Director of RLA Hospitality and Tourism Consultant.

A creative and talented burst of energy whose life has been defined by service, results and a unique ability

to positively touch lives. In her words “my divine call and passion is to impact, empower and develop

Human capital via training, with special focus on the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Roxann has taken 3 Resorts to World Travel Awards status. Her signature is “enjoy the world travel

awards training difference”.

A former Regional Manager - Human Resources and Training and Service Standards within the Sandals

Resorts Group, Mrs. Anderson-Barnaby has trained and certified over 2 thousand Hospitalilty

Professionals in Jamaica and over 1000 in Sint Maarten. She has stopped counting at 3 thousand.

A proud national of Jamaica, Roxann often boasts “I live where you vacation”. This former Miss

Kingston and St. Andrew Festival Queen has travelled extensively representing Jamaica and by extension,

the Caribbean.

Her career highlights includes:

Training Coordinator Air Jamaica – Over 15 yrs. Airline Industry

Training and Development Manager – Sandals Resorts International

Regional Manager – Human Resources, Training and Service Standards – Sandals Resorts International

Group Manager Training and Development (Corporate Executive) – Sonesta Resorts in Sint Maarten

(Sonesta Ocean Point, Sonesta Maho, Sonesta Great Bay)

Roxann Anderson-Barnaby has worked closely with Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL)

feature by President Richard Teare on LinkedIn -


Saint Maarten, Caribbean

Sonesta Great Bay, Tue 3 – Fri 6, 2015


Founded in 1943, Sonesta builds, owns, manages and designs hotels throughout the world. Today, the

Sonesta Collection comprises more than 55 properties in the USA and in destinations such as Saint.

Maarten, Panama, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Egypt. On 19 October 2013, a GULL briefing

took place at the newly renovated Sonesta Great Bay (SGB) in support of a 15 month-long GULL pilot

led by SGB General Manager, Karl Bourne and facilitated by Training & Development specialist Roxann


The main objective of the pilot was to create an integrated customer service and guest satisfaction

tracking system (a group project). Additionally the eight participating managers undertook and

implemented an array of other improvement initiatives.

Sonesta Graduation

SGB is using the GULL system to secure incremental improvements in customer service, revenue and

guest satisfaction. Roxann Anderson, Group Facilitator explains: ‘Our aim is to be as effective and

responsive as possible and GULL has been our vehicle for multiple projects – all of which have been

implemented and are yielding benefits for SGB.’

To build on the outcomes secured by the pilot group of departmental managers, Karl and Roxann are

initiating a Sonesta Academy that will provide GULL pathways for the staff of all three Sonesta Resorts

in St Maarten (around 1,000 staff). The Academy has been officially launched in Sint Maarten.

I lose myself in service to others. This mantra has led her to the launch of her own company in 2014.

RLA Hospitality and Tourism Consultants where she serves as C.E.O. and Managing Director.

Roxann credits her achievements to her faith in God and parents Rudolph and Eugenie Anderson who are

now both deceased. They believed in me. They went without so I would have.

“My husband is my rock along with a strong family support team “.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.


Mr. nick abbott

The Global Head of Performance Improvement Customer Service Expert.

Nick Abbott is an international leader in the fields of customer care and sales leadership. His clients have included General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, and Bank of New York, as well as National Commercial Bank (NCB) and British Caribbean Insurance Company (BCIC) in Jamaica. He is currently Global Head of Performance Improvement for a multi-national insurance corporation which operates across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Nick says:

“While most organisations recognise that customer centricity is critical for success and growth, many struggle to achieve this goal due to fatality flawed execution. If there are plans, they are confused and look at random symptoms rather than the core critical issues, systems and behaviours needed to build a culture which puts the customer at the centre of their businesses.

The amount of money wasted on training is criminal. Often this is perfectly good training which is branded as a failure because it is not part of a coherent strategy and there is little or no investment in tangible sustainability

Creating a truly customer centric culture is actually quite simple, but it’s not easy. It requires persistence, patience, focus and a clearly defined systematic approach. While I can’t help with all of these, what I will do is share the tools, techniques and systems required to underpin the entire transformative process.”

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Gold Package

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VIP Package

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