Since 2018 we have led the effort to introduce and promote cultural exchanges.

Our Mission:

Is to introduce and promote cultural exchanges by connecting world stage successful business leaders to help you and your company grow wealthy.

Give our members information on the Jamaica Market, Tourism, Agriculture, Logistic, Trade, Tax, Investment, Economy, Laws, Media and Communication

We focus also on uplifting the prejudices minds with intercultural learning, bringing together business professionals, entrepreneurs to build commercial network, establish new business relations and possible joint ventures, while understanding equality of opportunity, global connectivity and experience.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to (Link Up= Coming Together) globally, as one to achieve great things to fulfill your purpose. No matter where you were born geographically.

We believe that no great country has ever become great with ONLY the effort of his born native people, for us to have a successful business locally and globally, its going to take the effort of locals and foreigners who believe in building the country,

Our Core Values:

Integrity, Ethics & Fairness

Personal Enrichment & Opportunities to Thrive

Mutual Respect, Empowerment & Understanding

A Standard of Excellence and Knowledge

What We Stand For:

Exchanging Cultures

Creating global experiences

Creating global connectivity

Building friendship and networking

United we stand for the betterment of our countries

Creating global awareness


We believe that cultural exchanges should be apart of personal education, because at some point in our lives we want to explore another country far from home.

Whether you decided to vacate, live or working abroad its a beautiful experience to have others share their homes, businesses, communities and cultures with you.

Jamaica Curacao Link Up means coming together to achieve great things to go higher, will broaden your global awareness, while empowering you to exchange your culture, and provide you with life long connection.

We are committed to inspire each of you to learn about other cultures, with natural understanding while developing global skills .

We are the bridge that connecting you to the other countries.

One Experience, One Person, One Business, One Love.